Surfing is not only a sport, it is a lifestyle. It’s a way of being, a way of living. Surfing stimulates inner strength, health and equilibrium and reaches the community through setting a righteous conscience: When you see trash on the beach, pick it up! When you see a plastic product in a store, find the alternative glass, metal, or wooden equivalent. Surfers know best that keeping the ocean and beaches clean is one of the many beneficial duties that help not only one’s self, but the world, especially all the wildlife that suffer from our waste and littering. Think green and eat greens. Eat locally and organically. Respect lifeguard zones and respect other surfers. The exhilaration of surfing is one that can be shared by all. It’s an illuminating activity that stimulates an elated composure. The ocean is a healing environment as well as a nurturing one. Keep it clean, keep it safe, and above all, keep surfing.


A true frenchman and boatsman, Cedric has grown up on various coasts and inevitably shares a profound passion for the ocean from surfing early in the morning with Luca before classes in middle school, sailing throughout Long Island's scenic bays and inlets, lifeguarding at Gurney's out in Montauk, and getting in touch with Celtic roots at his coastal megalith residence in Bretagne, France. Cedric recently completed his four years of studies in San Diego, often sneaking out between classes to catch a Pacific wave or two.

Jeremy will catch a sweet ride and paddle back out to the lineup again... twice... before you even realized he was back from the first. He doesn’t drink redbull but he does have the wings and we can’t really tell if he doesn’t mind going into cold water without a wetsuit or if he just doesn’t own one. Either way, the greens, fruits, and fresh kale juice he sometimes brings me in the morning allows me to keep up with him. You should try growing some of your own greens too.

Way back when we were little groms, while most of us were still stuck tasting the dry concrete on skateboards, James had the brilliant notion to go back to the roots of it all, flop onto a surfboard and get wet instead. Soon after, I realized that the ocean is far better and greater and more important than anything manmade. Between being a prolific swimmer, scuba diver, and wave shredder, James is one of the best surfers and all around watermen I know.

Luca grew up swimming, boogieboarding and surfing the shores of Eastern Long Island between Southampton and Montauk since the age of 6. He has an infinite respect for the ocean and nature. Luca is never happier than when he is in the ocean and gets so stoked over waves that he often stays in the water from dawn to dusk without remembering to eat or drink. 
His dream is to one day find a 
sailboat on which he can live 
and circumnavigate the globe.

Learn from highly qualified and experienced surfers with a passion for the ocean and a commitment to safely passing on the joy of gliding across its waves.